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Community Access is a software platform that supports traders and investors in making informed decisions by providing them access to a community of traders, valuable data, tools and resources.

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Product Details

StockAnts is a marketplace for price estimates. We aggregate verified market experts’ tips/ research with real-time tracking to help retail users to decide & trade with Bigul by making an investment decision.

Stock Ants is Bigul’s Community Access platform that offers retail investors access to verified market experts’ price estimates. It is a marketplace that aggregates tips and research from experts and provides real-time tracking to help investors validate, discover new investment ideas, and make informed decisions when trading with Bigul. This allows retail investors to have access to reliable market insights and potentially improve their investment outcomes.


  • Verified Market Experts: Get benefits from reliable market insights by accessing price estimates from verified experts on the platform.
  • Real-Time Tracking: Make informed investment decisions quickly with the platform’s real-time tracking of price quotes, stay up-to-date with market changes, and capitalize on profitable opportunities.
  • Investment Validation: Get access to market experts’ tips and research, validate your investment decisions, and increase your chances of success in the market.
  • New Investment Ideas: Get new investment ideas based on market experts’ recommendations that help customers diversify their portfolios and achieve their investment goals.
  • Mobile Access: Trade with this AI-powered investment platform available on mobile devices that provides personalized investment strategies, automated trading solutions, and monitoring trades to stay informed while on the go.

Who can use it?

Stock Ants is designed for retail investors seeking access to verified market experts’ price estimates. Anyone who wants to make informed investment decisions can use this platform. Investors interested in discovering new investment ideas and improving their investment outcomes can benefit from this platform. Bigul Community Access, Stock Ants is open to investors of all experience levels, including beginners, intermediate, and advanced investors.

Stock Ants is a third-party tool. Please read all the T&Cs related to the product.

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It aggregates tips and research from SEBI-registered experts, including research analysts & investment advisors. These experts provide price estimates for equity & options.

It provides real-time tracking of the price quotes provided by experts. This allows investors to compare the estimates with actual market prices and track their performance of it over time. Retail users can validate their investment decision using StockAnts sentiment which displays an aggregated view of stocks or indices for a particular target period

StockAnts is designed to help investors discover new investment ideas by providing access to a wide range of price estimates from verified market experts. Investors can use this information to explore new investment opportunities and improve their investment outcomes.

Yes, it is suitable for investors of all experience levels, including beginners.

No, it does not currently offer portfolio tracking or management tools. However, Bigul's AI portfolio Manager, Stock Ants can be used by traders for real-time tracking to monitor the performance of individual securities and adjust their portfolios accordingly.

Yes, Bigul offers mobile access to its Community Access platform, Stock Ants, allowing traders to monitor trades and stay informed while on the

Yes, Stock Ants is absolutely safe to use, as the price estimates are published by intermediaries registered with the Securities and Exchange Board of India (SEBI) as well as by non-registered persons/entities.

StockAnts is free for Bigul users. Stock Ants is a third-party tool. Please read all the T&Cs related to the product.

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