Simple Interest Calculator

Calculate your simple interest.

Principal Amount

₹ 1000
₹ 1,000,000.00

Number of years

1 yrs
25 yrs

Interest Rate


A simple interest calculator is a handy tool for calculating interest on loans and savings accounts without compounding. On a daily, monthly, or annual basis, you may compute simple interest on the principle amount. In the formula box of the simple interest calculator, input the principle amount, yearly rate, and term in days, months, or years. The interest on the loan or investment will be displayed in the calculator.

Frequently asked Questions

The Simple Interest Calculator from Bigul tells you how much simple interest you've earned on any deposits. To use the easy interest calculator, follow these steps:

  • Simple interest must be chosen as the interest kind.
  • The primary amount is entered.
  • The yearly rate of interest is then entered.
  • You must pick from days, weeks, quarters, and years for the time period.
  • The Simple Interest Calculator from Bigul will show you how much simple interest you've earned on your deposit.

The entire return incurred when the tenure is complete may be calculated by users, along with the interest rate on the principal amount.

No, the principal rate stays the same.

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