Fixed Deposit Calculator

Calculate your compound interest.

Total Investment

₹ 10,000
₹ 1,00,00,000

Time Period

1 yr
25 yrs

Expected Return Rate

1 %

What is Fixed Deposit?

Use the FD Calculator to determine your investment's return and the interest rate on a fixed deposit. To calculate your mature amount, enter your investment amount, FD period, and interest rate. Before making an investment, you can calculate the interest income using an FD calculator. The investment amount, current interest rate, and tenure are entered into the FD calculator. The output is the amount of wealth and maturity attained.

Frequently asked Questions

It is very important for an investor to know the expected amount in advance and before making the investment. This will ensure whether the selected investment option will serve the financial goal of the investor at the maturity or not. fixed deposit calculator is available on our website. Calculate the return and interest on your fixed deposit on the maturity of the fixed deposit with our FD calculator. The FD calculator provides 2 approaches to estimating the wealth and maturity i.e. ‘Investment Amount’ and ‘Target Amount’

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