Top Gainers and Losers of the Day

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Nifty 50 Top Gainers : 13 June 2024
Stock Name LTP (Rs) Gains (%)
SHRIRAMFIN 2693.25 4.92
M&M 2877 3.21
HDFCLIFE 591 3.2
DIVISLAB 4593 3.16
TITAN 3472.9 2.68


Nifty 50 Top Losers : 13 June 2024
Stock Name LTP (Rs) Loss (%)
HINDUNILVR 2489 -1.57
EICHERMOT 4799.05 -1.06
AXISBANK 1175.5 -1.04
POWERGRID 321.3 -1.03
BRITANNIA 5383.2 -1.03


Top gainers are stocks with the highest percentage increase in price, while top losers are stocks with the largest percentage decrease.

Top gainers and losers are typically updated daily, reflecting the most recent market movements.

Factors include company earnings reports, market sentiment, economic news, and sector-specific developments.

Investors can identify trends, assess market sentiment, and potentially uncover investment opportunities or risks.

Information about top gainers and losers is available on financial news websites, stock market apps, and brokerage platforms, often featured prominently for quick reference.

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