Net Present Value Calculator

Get a quick estimate on your NPV returns.

Initial Investment

₹ 1000

Discount Rate

1 %

No.of Years

1 yr
30 yrs

Nature of Cash Inflows

Amount of Fixed Cash Inflows P.A

10 ₹
2000000 ₹

The current value of an investment is estimated using an NPV calculator. You may use the calculator to figure out how much an investment or project is worth based on expenses, revenue, and capital costs. You may use it to see if the project is worth your time and money. In the formula box of the NPV calculator, input the investment amount, discount rate, and number of years. Based on the type of inflows you pick; the calculator displays the present value and net current value.

Frequently asked Questions

The NPV calculator may be used to calculate the net present value of cash inflows as well as the net present value of a project or investment. The calculator generates accurate results. However, it's vital to remember that the net present value of an investment is only a guess. Also, the NPV calculator does not ensure that you will make a profit. As a result, the calculator should only be used to assess the net present value of cash inflows.

One may better plan investments and attain financial goals by determining the net present value of cash inflows from a project or investment. Calculating the opportunity cost of an investment can help you invest in things that provide inflation-beating returns.

The net present value (NPV) of your future investments is calculated based on cash inflows and expenditures. When the cash inflow surpasses the cash outlay, you obtain a favorable return. There is no change in investment when the NPV is 0. A positive difference between inflow and outflow, on the other hand, shows that you are generating more income than you are spending. When the net present value (NPV) is positive, you should invest.

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