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Tools for investors to explore technology and AI based
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  • Trading Signals Across Equity, Commodity, Currency
  • Access To Community Of 60+ Research Analysts
  • 24X7 Available AI Based Portfolio Manager
  • Learning Modules For In-depth Investment Knowledge
  • AI Engine Based Portfolio Evaluation

Training Centre

Unlock your investment potential with expert insights in
simple, bite-size video format.

Video Based Learning

Visual and auditory elements to give knowledge on market concepts and strategies.

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Webinar of Market Experts

Live online seminars featuring experts discussing current market trends and strategies.

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How will training center help you?

  • Providing a comprehensive understanding of various investment options.
  • Giving the ability to analyse market trends and make informed investment decisions.
  • Teaching advanced investment strategies and techniques.
  • Improving financial literacy and helping to understand the economy and global financial markets better.
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