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How does the NSC calculator work?

A user can determine the future value or the maturity proceeds of the money invested in NSCs with the use of an NSC calculator. The calculator will provide the NSC maturity value after five years once you enter the investment amount and interest rate (6.8 percent at the moment).

Frequently Asked Questions

One of the post office savings programmes supported by the Indian government is the NSC. A sovereign risk is involved. Therefore, there is not much room for default. Investments in NSC are regarded as safe and return on investment is guaranteed.

An NSC matures five years from the date of issuance. An NSC holder must complete a form, hand in the actual certificate that has been properly signed by all holders, and prove their identification. The post office pays the NSC holder right away, or the money is deposited to their bank account.

National Savings Certificate is a secured and low-risk instrument such as other fixed-income products like PPF and Post Office FDs. It requires a minimum deposit of Rs 100, and there is no cap on the maximum limit. No TDS for NSC investments.

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