Mutual Fund Returns Calculator

What is Mutual Fund Return?

A mutual fund calculator is an online tool for estimating mutual fund investment returns. This calculator is based on basic parameters such as the amount invested, the estimated rate of return, the investment time, and the step-up rate. The mutual fund calculator on Bigul also generates graphical output that shows the entire investment amount, wealth acquired, and maturity amount.

If you invest in a monthly SIP or a lumpsum, this calculator can help you estimate the maturity value of your investment. The mutual fund calculator on Bigul calculates returns in terms of maturity amount and wealth earned, as well as comparing performance to Bigul Long Term Wealth Fund. As a result, you may use this calculator to compute both lump sum and SIP investment returns.

Frequently asked Questions

The mutual fund calculator is simple to operate and understand. It uses the compound interest formula to determine the expected return on an investment (either SIP or lumpsum). When estimating probable earnings, the calculator also considers the number of compounding periods. As a result, it influences both the investment return and the maturity amount.

The mutual fund calculator requires you to enter the monthly investment amount or one-time lump sum amount, the projected rate of return, the investment period in years, and the step-up rate. The online mutual fund calculator will automatically compute the maturity amount and wealth earned for mutual fund investments.

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