Portfolio Evaluator

Portfolio Evaluator is a comprehensive tool that gives a score to your portfolio based on technical & fundamental analysis. It is a tool or methodology used to assess the performance and risk of an investment portfolio. To evaluate a portfolio, an investor can use several metrics such as returns, risk, diversification, asset allocation, benchmark comparison, tax efficiency, and cost. A portfolio evaluator can help investors determine whether their portfolio is aligned with their investment goals and risk tolerance and identify areas where adjustments may be needed. When building the perfect portfolio, it's essential to plan, diversify the investments, allocate assets based on risk tolerance, regularly rebalance the portfolio, keep costs low, monitor the portfolio, and consider tax efficiency.

How to Build a Perfect Portfolio?

Constructing an optimal portfolio is a subjective endeavor contingent on an individual's unique investment objectives, risk tolerance, and time horizon. However, certain general principles can help you in developing a well-rounded portfolio. First and foremost, it is crucial to begin with a comprehensive plan, identifying investment goals and determining the allocation of assets in alignment with risk tolerance. Diversification is paramount for risk management, necessitating a mix of asset classes such as stocks, bonds, real estate & cash. Asset allocation should be tailored to one's risk tolerance, with high-risk tolerance prompting a greater allocation to equities and vice versa. Regularly rebalancing the portfolio is essential to maintaining alignment with changing market conditions. Cost considerations are vital, as high fees can erode returns.


Purpose for Portfolio Evaluation?

The purpose of portfolio evaluation is to assess the performance of a portfolio of investments, identify areas where the portfolio may be underperforming or overperforming, and make recommendations for changes to improve performance or manage risk. The innovative tool Review Portfolio's Performance based on past data performance evaluation; Evaluate diversification – the allocation of your portfolio into various different asset classes, sectors, and geographic regions; Monitor Portfolio i.e., keeps an eye on your portfolio to look out for any deviations.



  • Proactive management on your portfolio
  • AL and ML driven stocks selection
  • Continuously monitoring the market
  • Providing the possible suggestions on your portfolio
  • Finding the deviations and applying the possible solutions

What We Offer


AI-Driven Analysis:

Complete Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning driven analysis on your portfolio and suggestive improvement based on deviations and findings. This will eliminate or minimizes the possible human errors as AI tool continuously monitoring on your portfolio.


Real-Time Monitoring

Portfolio Evaluator continuously scans market and monitors your portfolio's position and market trends in real time. By continuously analyzing the market makes you to keep your portfolio in a positive state.


Personalized Strategies

Experience the advantage of personalized investment strategies tailored to your unique financial profile. Portfolio Evaluator considers your individual risk tolerance, financial goals, and preferences to craft customized investment approaches that align with your objectives.


Automatic Rebalancing

Our AI-driven platform handles the complexities of portfolio maintenance, automatically rebalancing your investments to maintain optimal asset allocation. By continuously monitoring market conditions, we ensure that your portfolio remains aligned with your goals.


Data-Driven Decisions

Tap into the potential of data-driven decision-making with Portfolio Evaluator which offers you access to an array of financial data, historical metrics, and industry insights, makes you to make informed investment decisions confidently.


User-Friendly Interface

Our user-friendly interface ensures that navigating through portfolio evaluator. As we believe in providing simple and effective service to our user, it will be easy to use for you whether you are beginner or the experienced trader.

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Bigul's Portfolio Evaluator is an AI-driven investment tool that revolutionises portfolio management by providing real-time market analysis, tailored recommendations, and effortless portfolio management through automatic rebalancing and data-driven decisions. 

The tool uses the power of AI and machine learning algorithms to generate informed investment decisions, analyse vast amounts of financial data, and continuously track market trends to adjust portfolio allocations.

It customises investment approaches based on users' unique risk tolerance, financial goals, and preferences, ensuring that the portfolio management aligns with their objectives.   

Automatic rebalancing, a key feature, optimally maintains asset allocation, reducing risk by adjusting investments as required. Continuously monitoring your portfolio, apply changes in the portfolio based on various factors like market conditions, your preferences, risk management etc.

The tool streamlines investment management by automating key processes, such as real-time monitoring, rebalancing, and data-driven decisions, saving time and effort for investors. 

Yes, the user-friendly interface is designed to cater to investors of all experience levels, making it easy to navigate and benefit from the advanced features.   

Various users, including individual investors, financial advisors, wealth managers, investment firms, family offices, retirement planners, and educational institutions, can benefit from the AI-driven tool's personalised strategies, real-time market analysis, and automated portfolio management.

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