What is Cryptocurrency – Origin, Types, Tips

date 27  December,  2022
time 3 mins read

What is Cryptocurrency?

Cryptocurrency is virtual money or a digital token built by cryptographic technologies. Now, online transactions can be done safely without any third-party intervention. The word “crypto” refers to the various cryptographic techniques used to secure entries, including hashing, public-private key pairings, and elliptical curve encryption.

One can either mine or purchase cryptocurrencies from exchanges. Cryptocurrency purchases are not permitted on all e-commerce websites. Retail payments are rarely made using cryptocurrencies, not even popular ones like Bitcoin.

Cryptocurrencies’ exponential value growth, however, has increased their acceptance as a trading tool. They are sporadically used for international transactions.

Types of Cryptocurrencies

Altcoins and Bitcoins are the cryptocurrencies that majorly exist. Cryptocurrencies are initially introduced with Bitcoin. In order to improve Bitcoin, Altcoins were proposed later. Numerous Altcoins have price trajectories similar to those of Bitcoin, which means their value tracks the uptrend and downtrend price of Bitcoin in the exchange.

A few of the popular cryptocurrencies are as follows.

  • Bitcoin
  • Ethereum
  • Tether
  • Cardano
  • Binance Coin
  • XRP
  • Solana
  • USD Coin
  • Polkadot
  • Dogecoin

Is Cryptocurrency Safe?

Cryptocurrencies are commonly produced by using Blockchain technology. Blockchain defines storing transactions into “blocks” and time stamped. Although it is a technical and involved procedure, the result of cryptocurrency payment is a digital record that is challenging for cyberpunks to falsify.

Furthermore, two-factor verification is necessary for transactions. For instance, one must submit a username and password to begin a transaction. You may then need to provide a verification code received on your mobile number.

Although security measures are in place, this does not mean that cryptocurrencies cannot be hacked. Cryptocurrencies that were new in the market have suffered significant losses due to various high-value hacks. Two of the most considerable cryptocurrency attacks involved Coincheck ($534 million) and BitGrail ($195 million) in 2018.

Moreover, cryptocurrency investments are protected by significantly less regulation than conventional financial instruments such as equities, bonds, and mutual funds.

Advantages of Cryptocurrency

  • Generally, the procedure for cryptocurrency transactions is simple and speedier.
  • It is safe since every transaction is recorded in the blockchain.
  • Protection against inflation is another benefit of cryptocurrencies.
  • It is decentralized and focuses on getting rid of mediators such as banks.
  • It is seen as the future currency by enthusiasts.
  • Cryptocurrency is challenging to duplicate or counterfeit due to blockchain technology and cryptography.


  • There is a potential to lose all of your digital currency or wallet due to data loss.
  • The cryptocurrency value varies often. Investments carry significant risks. The majority of investors can feel unsafe about investing in crypto coins.
  • No investment standard regulates cryptocurrency.
  • If people cease using currency, it may ultimately lose its value and become worthless. It maximizes the risk.
  • These can be used in illicit trades and are susceptible to scams.

Four Tips for Investing in Cryptocurrency Safely

Consumer Reports says all investments involve risk. However, only some experts believe that cryptocurrency is one of the investing options which is riskier. These suggestions can aid your decision-making if you intend to invest in cryptocurrency.

 Research Exchanges

Learn about crypto exchanges before investing. There are reportedly more than 500 exchanges to select from. Before taking any action, conduct research, read reviews, and consult with more seasoned investors.

Know How to Store your Digital Currency

Cryptocurrency must be stored once it is purchased. One can store it on an exchange or in a digital wallet. Different wallets have their advantages, technical needs and security standards. Similar to exchanges, you should research your storage options before investing.

Diversify your Investments

Diversification is essential when developing an effective investment plan, and cryptocurrency trading is no exception. Consider not investing all your funds in Bitcoin simply because you are familiar with the name. One should diversify their investment among multiple currencies because there are countless options.

Prepare for Volatility

There will be dramatic fluctuations in cryptocurrency prices. The market is extremely volatile, so be ready for ups and downs. Cryptocurrency might not be a sensible choice if your financial situation or mental health can’t manage that.

Although cryptocurrency is quite popular now, keep in mind that it is still very new and somewhat speculative. Prepare yourself for challenges before investing in something new. Do your homework and start investing cautiously if you intend to take part.


Cryptocurrencies are quickly gaining popularity. These are affordable and quick. Additionally, cryptocurrencies are well-known options for investments. Learn how to trade cryptocurrencies first, then make your decisions based on factual information before commencing your investments.

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