7th Pay Commission: DA Hike Announced For Govt Employees

date 13  November,  2023
time 2 mins read

The concept of Dearness Allowance (DA) is integral to the salary structure of government employees in India. Recently, in line with the Central government’s pay hike, various states have announced a significant increase in DA during the festive Diwali season. This move, influenced by the recommendations of the 7th Pay Commission, aims to adjust the cost of living and ensure a balanced economic structure for government employees.

Arunachal Pradesh’s Leap to 46%

The government of Arunachal Pradesh, led by Chief Minister Pema Khandu, recently declared a 4% hike in both Dearness Allowance and Dearness Relief. This increase brings the total DA and DR from 42% to 46%, effective from July 1. Notably, the arrears for this period will be paid in cash, enhancing the financial well-being of state employees and pensioners.

Chandigarh: 4% Hike

Chandigarh, too, joined the festive spirit by increasing the DA for its government and administration employees by 4%. This decision benefits approximately 20,000 employees, uplifting their Diwali celebrations.

Karnataka’s Incremental Approach: 3.75% Raise

Karnataka’s government opted for a slightly more conservative increase of 3.75% in DA, affecting both regular employees and pensioners. This revision is a significant move from the existing 35% to 38.75%. Additionally, specific categories like lecturers and judicial officers received a 4% hike.

Tamil Nadu’s Alignment with 7th Pay Commission

The Tamil Nadu government announced a 4% DA increase, aligning with the accepted formula based on the 7th Pay Commission’s recommendations. This change marks an uplift from 42% to 46% DA, effective from July 1.

Assam’s Incremental Growth to 46%

In Assam, the state government has enhanced the DA by 4%, bringing the total to 46%. This hike will be effective from December 1, with arrears being paid in two instalments.

Uttar Pradesh: 4% DA Hike

Uttar Pradesh also announced a 4% increase in DA as a Diwali gift to its employees and pensioners. This hike from 42% to 46% is a significant move in uplifting the economic status of the state’s workforce.


These DA hikes across various Indian states not only provide financial relief but also reflect the commitment of state governments to align with the central directives and enhance the living standards of their employees. This collective move marks a significant step in addressing the economic challenges faced by government employees, ensuring a more balanced and equitable salary structure across the country.

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