What are NSE Top Gainers and NSE Top Losers?

  • 09-Nov-2023
  • 2 mins read

The National Stock Exchange (NSE) is a busy place for business people to buy and sell stocks in many companies every day. To navigate this dynamic landscape, investors and traders often turn to the NSE Top Gainers and NSE Top Losers lists.

These lists highlight the stocks that have shown the most significant price appreciation and depreciation in a given trading session. Understanding what drives these stocks to the top or bottom can provide valuable insights for investors. The following article discusses NSE Top Gainers and Losers, their relevance, and how to stay updated. So, let’s dive in.

What are NSE Top Gainers?

NSE Top Gainers represent the stocks that have seen the highest percentage increase in their share prices over a specific trading period, typically a day or a week.

NSE Top Gainers are determined by comparing the closing prices of stocks on a particular day with their previous day’s closing prices. Stocks that show the most significant percentage increase make it to the list. Top Gainers reflect investor optimism and strong market sentiment toward specific companies or sectors. They are often seen as potential investment opportunities.

Here are the examples of a few recent Top Gainers in the last 6 months in NSE (As of 14 Oct 2023):

Company Change Percent Current Price Last 6 Months Price
Eimco Elecon (India) Limited
246.92% change 1416.3 408.25
Agi Greenpac Limited
234.22% change 1067 319.25
Kaynes Technology Ind Ltd
233.36% change 2668.55 800.5
Apar Industries Limited
219.04% change 5411.55 1696.2
Jindal Saw Limited
209.11% change 361.35 116.9
SKM Egg Products Export (India) Limited
206.77% change 439.45 143.25
Pearl Global Industries Limited
206.58% change 1205.95 393.35

What are NSE Top Losers?

NSE Top Losers are stocks that have experienced the most significant price decline during a particular trading session on the National Stock Exchange. These stocks are ranked based on the percentage decrease in their share prices, and they reflect the companies that faced the most challenging market conditions on that specific day.

The NSE constantly monitors stock prices throughout the trading day, and the stocks that have suffered the most substantial declines are listed as the NSE Top Losers. The percentage change in stock prices is a crucial criterion for ranking, and these lists are updated in real time.

NSE Top Losers provide essential information to traders and investors about stocks that are currently facing downward pressure. These lists can be used to identify potential opportunities for short-selling or for assessing the market sentiment, as stocks in the losers’ list often reflect negative news or poor performance of a company.

Here are some examples of recent top losers in NSE for the last 6 months (as of 14 Oct 2023)

Company Change Percent Current Price Last 6 Months Price
Hi-Tech Pipes
-89.87% change 95.45 942
IRB Infrastructure Developers Limited
-89.38% change 32.4 305.05
Sigachi Industries Ltd
-88.52% change 39.2 341.6
Hardwyn India Limited
-87.27% change 40.05 314.65
Themis Medicare Limited
-86.25% change 169.45 1232.35
Adani Total Gas Limited
-84.31% change 601.65 3835.55
Radhika Jeweltech Limited
-82.67% change 35.85 206.9

The Role of NSE Top Gainers and Losers in Investment

In stock market investing, keeping a close eye on NSE Top Gainers and NSE Top Losers plays a crucial role in shaping investment strategies. These lists offer valuable insights and opportunities for investors, helping them make informed decisions. Here’s a closer look at the role of NSE’s Top Gainers and Losers in investment:

  • Identifying Momentum: Monitoring NSE’s Top Gainers is a key aspect of investment strategy. It helps investors identify stocks experiencing significant and rapid price increases. These gainers represent a form of market momentum, indicating that these stocks are currently in demand and have the potential to continue rising in the short term. Investors may choose to capitalize on this momentum by purchasing these stocks, aiming to profit from their upward trajectory.
  • Spotting Trends: NSE Top Losers can be a valuable indicator for spotting market trends and investment opportunities. These stocks represent companies facing challenges or experiencing significant price declines. Investors keen on value investing may view Top Losers as potential candidates for long-term investments. Buying stocks when they are down can offer the opportunity to benefit from their potential recovery, potentially leading to significant gains as the market corrects itself.
  • Risk Management: Monitoring NSE’s Top Gainers and Losers is essential for effective risk management in investment. By including both gainers and losers in a portfolio, investors can diversify their holdings. This diversification helps spread risk, ensuring that potential losses from investing in Top Losers can be balanced by gains from Top Gainers. A well-diversified portfolio is more resilient to market fluctuations and provides a safety net, reducing the overall risk associated with investments. This risk management strategy aims to strike a balance between pursuing high returns and protecting against substantial losses in a volatile market.
  • Research and Analysis: NSE Top Gainers and Top Losers offer a window into the forces shaping stock prices. Examining the underlying reasons behind a stock’s ascent or descent provides critical insights. It enables investors to evaluate the impact of corporate news, market trends, economic data, and external factors on stock valuations. Investors can more accurately modify their portfolios to capitalize on opportunities or limit risks by studying these swings and learning about the complex relationship between news and stock market performance.

Short-Term and Long-Term Strategies

NSE Top Gainers and Losers play a pivotal role in helping investors align their investment strategies with their time horizons.

For instance, Top Gainers often attract day traders and short-term investors seeking to profit from immediate price movements and market momentum. On the other hand, Top Losers can appeal to those with a longer investment horizon, as they may view these stocks as undervalued assets with the potential for recovery over a more extended period.

Understanding these lists enables investors to tailor their strategies to match their preferred investment timelines, optimizing their chances of success.

Market Sentiment: NSE Top Gainers and Losers often mirror the collective sentiment of market participants. When a surge of Top Gainers is observed, it typically reflects optimism and confidence in the market, while a spike in Top Losers signifies caution or pessimism. Investors keen on understanding the emotional aspect of the market can utilize these lists to gauge prevailing sentiment. This insight into market sentiment can be an essential factor in decision-making, helping investors align their strategies with the prevailing mood of the market.

Portfolio Adjustments: Regularly reviewing these lists can prompt investors to make timely changes to their investment portfolios. Investors can seize opportunities by adding high-performing stocks or reducing exposure to struggling assets. This adaptability ensures that the portfolio aligns with evolving market conditions, optimizing returns and minimizing risk. Staying vigilant to the market’s shifting dynamics and adjusting the portfolio accordingly is a fundamental aspect of successful investment management.

Avoiding Herd Mentality: Investors should be cautious of following the crowd blindly when it comes to NSE Top Gainers and Losers. Top gainers may appear attractive due to their recent success. These investment decisions solely based on popularity can be risky. Herd mentality can lead to inflated stock prices, and when the trend reverses, significant losses can occur. To mitigate this risk, investors should conduct thorough research, consider their individual financial goals, and make informed decisions rather than blindly following the crowd. This approach helps in building a more resilient and personalized investment strategy.


NSE Top Gainers and NSE Top Losers are important lists in the stock market. Top Gainers show which stocks are doing well, and Top Losers tell us which ones are not. If you want to invest in stocks, it’s smart to keep an eye on these lists. But remember, investing in top gainers has risks, and sometimes, opportunities can be found among the top losers. Keep yourself updated using NSE’s website, financial news, and stock market tools. These lists can help you make better choices when investing.


  1. Do NSE Top Gainers always make good investments?

Not necessarily. While Top Gainers indicate recent success, they may also carry higher risks or be overvalued. It’s crucial for investors to conduct thorough research and consider their investment goals before buying these stocks.

  1. What do NSE Top Losers represent?

NSE Top Losers are stocks that have experienced the most significant price declines on the National Stock Exchange. They represent the poorest-performing stocks in terms of price depreciation.

  1. Are NSE Top Losers always bad investments?

Not always. Top Losers can sometimes present value investing opportunities. These stocks might be undervalued or experiencing temporary setbacks. Investors should perform due diligence to determine if there is potential for a turnaround before investing in Top Losers.


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