Understanding option Trading strategies: Covered Call

  • 13-May-2023
  • 2 mins read

Options trading is a popular financial method that lets investors purchase or sell options on a certain asset at a given price and time. The covered call is one of the most standard and well-known techniques in options trading. Covered call trading is a conservative, income-generating strategy that both novice and experienced investors can use. This strategy involves buying a stock and selling a call option on that stock, providing a way to generate additional income while limiting downside risk.

In this article, we will discuss the basics of covered call trading, its benefits and risks, key elements for success, variations of the strategy, and some final thoughts and recommendations.

What Is a Covered Call Option, and How Does it Work?

A covered call option trading technique includes holding a stock or other underlying asset and selling a call option. The call option buyer has the right, but not the responsibility, to buy the underlying asset at the strike price before the option expires.

In exchange for agreeing to sell the asset if the option is exercised, the call option seller—the asset owner—receives a premium.

The components of a covered call option are as follows:

  • The underlying stock
  • The strike price of the call option
  • The expiration date of the call option
  • The premium received for selling the call option

Call option investors earn a premium from buyers. The buyer gets the right to acquire the shares at the strike price in exchange. The option expires worthless, and the seller keeps the premium if the stock price stays below the strike price. The seller must sell the shares at the strike price if the stock price climbs above it. This limits the stock’s potential profit, but the premium can protect against losses.

Benefits of the Covered Call

By implementing the covered call option trading strategy, traders can take advantage of several benefits that can help to enhance their overall trading performance.

  • Generates additional income: selling call options gives the trader premium income.
  • Reduces downside risk: the premium received from selling the call option provides some protection against potential losses in the underlying stock.
  • Provides a margin of safety: the premium received from selling the call option reduces the break-even point of the trade.
  • Enhances portfolio returns: the covered call strategy can enhance returns in a flat or slightly bullish market environment.
  • Allows for flexibility: the trader can adjust the strike price and expiration date of the call option to match their market outlook and risk tolerance.
  • Helps to reduce volatility: the covered call strategy can help reduce a portfolio’s overall volatility.

Key Elements of a Successful Covered Call Strategy

A successful covered call strategy requires careful consideration and analysis of several key elements. These elements include selecting the right stock, choosing the right strike price, timing the trade, and managing the trade effectively.

  • Selecting The Right Stock– Covered call success depends on stock selection. It’s crucial to choose a solid, rising stock. It’s also crucial to pick a stock with liquid options. A stock with strong volatility may have a larger call option premium but also more risk.
  • Choosing the Right Strike Price- The strike price is the option holder’s right to acquire the underlying asset. The strike price is crucial based on the stock’s price and the investor’s objectives.
  • Investors who are confident in the stock may set a strike price significantly above the current stock price. If the investor is cautious, they may set a strike price significantly below the stock price.
  • Timing of the Trade- The trade timing is also critical for a successful covered call strategy. It is important to get into the trade when the stock is going at a good price, and the fees on the options are good. Consider forthcoming events like earnings reports or economic data releases that may impact the stock’s price.
  • Managing The Trade- Managing the trade is essential for maximizing profits and minimizing losses. It’s crucial to monitor stock prices and alter strategy. If the stock price rises sufficiently, the investor may buy back the call option and sell a higher strike price call option.
  • If the stock price drops sufficiently, the investor may roll the option to a later expiration date or buy back the call option and sell a lower strike price call option.

Variations of the Covered Call Option Trading Strategy

In addition to the basic Covered Call strategy, there are several variations that traders can use to modify the strategy to fit their individual needs and preferences.

  • Buy-Write Strategy- The Buy-Write strategy, also known as the Covered Call Write, involves buying a stock and selling a call option on it. Investors that wish to make money and safeguard their holdings adopt this method.
  • Ratio Call Write Strategy- The Ratio Call Write strategy involves selling more call options than the number of shares held in order to increase the potential profit from the trade. Investors that feel the stock price will remain constant and want to make more money from the investment utilize this method.
  • Collar Strategy- The Collar strategy involves simultaneously buying a protective put option and selling a covered call option on the same stock. This strategy provides investors with downside protection while allowing them to earn income from the covered call option.

The Collar strategy is often used by investors who want to protect their long stock position from significant price declines while generating trade income.


The covered call option trading approach is popular and successful for stock market income and risk reduction. Selling call options on equities, you own can provide regular income and financial gains. However, the strategy’s risks and variations must be understood. Covered call option trading may be a helpful instrument for investors with adequate research and management.


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