Nifty Healthcare: An Invaluable Gauge for India’s Healthcare Industry

  • 31-Jul-2023
  • 2 mins read

In a society where wellness takes centre stage, the healthcare industry stands as an unwavering guardian of our physical and mental well-being.

It offers investors and individuals a robust understanding of India’s healthcare sector’s health and growth trajectory, serving as an invaluable gauge for assessing the performance of healthcare companies listed on the National Stock Exchange (NSE).

With its finger on the pulse of the medical landscape, the Nifty Healthcare Index provides a comprehensive portrayal of the sector’s tenacity, innovation, and potential. Let’s delve deeper into this intriguing index to understand how it mirrors the trajectory of India’s healthcare industry.

What is a Nifty Healthcare Index?

The Nifty Healthcare Index is an expertly created basket of the top-performing healthcare companies in India’s stock market. Its purpose is to accurately reflect the performance and overall health of the country’s healthcare industry as a whole.

The index encompasses within its focus the entire spectrum of the healthcare ecosystem by comprising various companies related to this sector. These companies include pharmaceutical giants, medical device manufacturers, hospitals, diagnostics laboratories, and healthcare service providers.

It gives investors and analysts a holistic perspective of the sector’s dynamics, trends, and development possibilities.

Nifty Healthcare Stock Weightage

NIFTY Healthcare is a sectoral index on the National Stock Exchange (NSE) that measures the performance of the healthcare sector in the Indian economy in real time. The 20 stocks listed on the NSE and involved in the health and wellness industry make up this index.

S. No Company   Name Symbol Weightage (%)
1 Sun Pharmaceutical Industries Ltd SUNPHARMA 25.24%
2 Dr. Reddy’s Laboratories Ltd DRREDDY 14.18%
3 Cipla Ltd CIPLA 11.27%
4 Divi’s Laboratories Ltd DIVISLAB 9.85%
5 Aurobindo Pharma Ltd AUROPHARMA 4.11%
6 Alkem Laboratories Ltd ALKEM 4.07%
7 Lupin Ltd LUPIN 4.05%
8 Torrent Pharmaceuticals Ltd TORNTPHARM 3.57%
9 Zydus Lifesciences Ltd ZYDUSLIFE 3.11%
10 Laurus Labs Ltd LAURUSLABS 2.86%
11 Abbott India Ltd ABBOTINDIA 2.80%
12 Biocon Ltd BIOCON 2.44%
13 Ipca Laboratories Ltd IPCALAB 2.26%
14 Gland Pharma Ltd GLAND 2.22%
15 Glenmark Pharmaceuticals Ltd GLENMARK 1.99%
16 Pfizer Ltd PFIZER 1.34%
17 NATCO Pharma Ltd NATCOPHARM 1.27%
18 GlaxoSmithKline Pharmaceuticals Ltd GLAXO 1.19%
19 Sanofi India Ltd SANOFI 1.18%
20 Granules India Ltd GRANULES 0.96%

Over time, the constituents of the NIFTY Healthcare Index may change, as may their weights. Typically, these adjustments are determined by periodic reviews conducted by index providers, considering factors like market capitalisation, liquidity, and sector representation.

Advantages of Investing in Healthcare Industry

Healthcare is a strong and attractive investment industry. Healthcare may improve its portfolio with its ongoing innovation, rising demand, and growing importance. The benefits of investing in the Nifty Healthcare Index for investors seeking high profits while improving society.

  • A Gateway to a Promising Sector: The Nifty Healthcare Index represents the Indian healthcare industry, including pharmaceuticals, hospitals, diagnostics, and other sectors. This index pools top healthcare firms, reducing stock risk. Instead of depending on one firm, the Nifty Healthcare Index gives you exposure to the sector’s development potential.
  • Capitalising on Rising Healthcare Spending: Aging populations, chronic diseases, and rising awareness of healthcare needs are driving worldwide healthcare spending. Rising disposable incomes, government initiatives, and a focus on healthcare infrastructure would boost India’s healthcare business. Investing in the Nifty Healthcare Index lets you take advantage of this trend and the sector’s high revenue potential.
  • Diversification and Risk Mitigation: Nifty Healthcare Index investing offers diversification. The index includes a diverse mix of healthcare stocks. Diversification reduces risk by minimising the impact of any single company’s performance. The index is frequently rebalanced to reflect healthcare industry changes and maintain an optimal stock mix.
  • Riding Technological Advancements: Biotechnology, telemedicine, and artificial intelligence have revolutionised healthcare delivery in the healthcare sector. Investors can access innovative healthcare solutions through the Nifty Healthcare Index, which covers leading companies. By investing in this index, you may ride progress and perhaps profit as these innovations transform the sector.
  • Government Programs: Healthcare investors benefit from the Indian government’s commitment to improving infrastructure, extending affordable healthcare, and boosting indigenous medication manufacturing. The Nifty Healthcare Index includes companies that can capitalise on government initiatives and increased spending. Thus, investing in the Nifty Healthcare Index can help you capitalise on the industry’s growth.
  • Long-Term Growth Potential and Sustainable Investing: The Nifty Healthcare Index gives investors access to the healthcare sector’s long-term growth. Quality healthcare will remain in demand due to a growing population, longer life expectancies, and changing healthcare needs. The index positions you to benefit from the sector’s sustainable growth, giving your investment journey purpose.

Contribution of Health Care Industry Towards the Economy

Even as the broader economy is starting to decelerate, the healthcare sector continues to be one of the fastest-growing industries.

This growth is a global phenomenon propelled by the expansion of hospitals, manufacturers of medical equipment, clinical trial entities, outsourcing firms, telemedicine providers, medical tourism facilitators, health insurance companies, and medical technology innovators.

Many pharmaceutical corporations have service agencies to reach underprivileged populations thanks to technology. They’ve reached rural people, improved their healthcare, and helped the region’s economy. Pharma businesses can inspire other healthcare companies to start outreach programs to assist people in living healthy lives and increase the economy.

In addition, the spike in growth has been maintained due to the efforts of both public and private entities to raise the amount of money invested and improve networks, services, and coverage.


The Nifty Healthcare Index is a captivating window into the dynamic world of healthcare and finance, where innovation, expansion, and opportunity intersect. It reveals the pulse of the industry, allowing us to observe the extraordinary progress and transformative potential of healthcare in India.

As we delve deeper into this index’s domain, we gain valuable insights, discover promising investment opportunities, and recognise the diligent efforts of healthcare pioneers.

So, the Nifty Healthcare Index serves as a guide as we navigate a future where our health and financial well-being are intricately intertwined.


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