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Smart Case offers a carefully curated selection of top-performing stocks across various sectors, including IT, FMCG, defence, dividend and many other stocks. It's like having your own personalised portfolio tailored by our professionals to your investment goals and preferences. It is a basket of stocks handpicked by top analysts. Its thematic and sector-based stock baskets are tailored for various time frames, ensuring your portfolio is always aligned with market trends. With its automated functionality, investing becomes effortless, adapting seamlessly to your financial goals. Ideal for regular investments through SIPs, Bigul Smart Case is your gateway to smart investing, making wealth accumulation simple, strategic, and successful. Elevate your investment journey with Bigul Smart Case - where expertise meets innovation.

Purpose of Smart Case

The purpose of the Smart Case is to provide investors with a convenient and efficient way to build and manage their investment portfolios. By offering a basket of top-performing stocks of a given sector, along with automated functionality and expert analysis, Smart Case aims to simplify the investment process and help investors achieve their financial goals. Whether you're a seasoned investor looking for analyst-approved selections or someone new to investing seeking guidance, Smart Case offers features like time-frame flexibility and personalised investment options to capture a wide range of needs and preferences. Overall, its goal is to make wealth accumulation simple, strategic, and successful for investors who may not have the time or expertise to navigate the market on their own.


For Whom It is Beneficial?

Smart Case is an ideal solution for investors who do not have time to analyse and track the market or have a favourite stock sector, such as IT, defence, etc. This tool offers a wide variety of baskets, real-time market analysis and updation and adjustments of stocks on each basket on a regular basis. Smart is mainly curated by our experts, who keep in mind every individual who can or cannot keep a proper eye on the market but still wants to invest in a particular sector.



  • Offered a basket of smartly picked stocks
  • Baskets categorised based on similar kinds of stocks
  • Equity as well as Indices strategy basket available
  • Start Monthly SIP of selected baskets of stocks
  • Covered mostly every sector of stocks

What We Offer


Expertly Curated Stocks

Expert-selected stocks meticulously chosen to align with cutting-edge themes, sectors, and industries.


Time-Frame Flexibility

Baskets tailored for weekly, monthly, or yearly investments, keeping you in sync with both short and long-term market dynamics.


Analyst-Approved Selections

Top picks of seasoned analysts become the backbone of your investment journey, offering quality and ease of assurance.


Automated Excellence

Automatic order execution, where your investment strategy is dynamically adapted to your preferences and market movements.


SIP-Ready Platform

Offers consistent growth with the SIP-friendly nature of Bigul Smart Case, ideal for building a formidable portfolio over time.


Customised Investment

Personalised investment tailored to fit your unique financial goals and risk appetite.

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Discover all you need to know effortlessly with our frequently asked questions—your go-to resource for answers.

Bigul Smart Case is an advanced stock investment tool that combines professional market insights with user-friendly technology. It offers themed and sector-based stock baskets chosen by top analysts and is tailored for various investment time-frames. Its automated functionality simplifies investing, aligns with your financial goals, and facilitates regular investments through SIPs.

Stocks in Bigul Smart Case are expertly curated by top analysts. They are handpicked based on their alignment with current market trends and potential within specific themes, sectors, and industries.

Yes, Bigul Smart Case offers time-frame flexibility. You can select stock baskets tailored for weekly, monthly, or yearly investments, allowing you to align your portfolio with both short-term and long-term market dynamics.

The selections in Bigul Smart Case are analyst-approved, ensuring they are top picks with a strong potential for success. This gives investors quality assurance and ease in their investment journey.

Bigul Smart Case features automated excellence, where your investment strategy is dynamically adapted to your preferences and market movements. This means that once you set your investment criteria, the tool automatically executes orders to align with these goals.

Yes, Bigul Smart Case offers a customised investment experience. It allows you to tailor your investments to fit your unique financial goals and risk appetite, making it a versatile tool for various investor types.

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