What Ganesh Chathurthi teaches to the Equity Market Investors

date 29  August,  2022
time 2 mins read

Ganesh Chaturthi is here! One of the biggest religious-cultural festivals in India is a 10-day-long celebration of Lord Ganesha’s birth. Lord Ganesh is a symbol rooted in prudence. He is popularly known as Vighnaharta, which means the taker of the hurdles to provide prosperity and wealth. The word Chaturthi means the auspicious fourth day of the Bhadrapada month. In spiritual terms, it implies the fourth and ultimate state of bliss and enlightenment, which is the goal of every sincere seeker.

Ganesh Chaturthi is the perfect opportunity to learn some of the eternal lessons that Lord Ganesha offers. So, on the occasion of the auspicious Ganesh Festival, we have confined a few good habits and myths of the common retail Investors that they can follow and rely upon in the upcoming investment journey.

  1. Gajanan (Big Head): Ganesha is called Gajanana as the elephant-headed lord has a huge head signifying broad-mindedness and a vast ocean of knowledge. This tells us to always use the knowledge and learning to aim for our goals and make informed decisions. So, while drawing up your investments plan to start your wealth creation journey. Your financial goals can be measured as short term, medium term, and long term. Most importantly, assess your risk appetite, and investment horizon and align your investments with your financial goals.


  1. Ekdanta and Big Trunk (Vakratundaya): Vakratundaya is another name stemming from Ganesha’s trunk, which represents flexibility and adaptable nature. Don’t let negative influencers affect your prosperity! Ganesha’s strong tusks preach the message of eliminating negative advice. You can ask for assistance from financial advisors or avail services from the net banking advertisements regarding the financial plans. But, choose an investment plan that is ideal for your financial goals after proper analysis.


  1. Prasada (Modak): The favorite food of Lord Ganesha ‘Modak’ represents the positive results of your investment. Better investment planning and focused financial goal will successfully reward you with sweet gains. Take the advice from the ultimate advisors and influencers and prosper in life.


  1. Lambodaraya (Big Stomach): The Big stomach of Lord Ganesha teaches us to take big profits into the portfolio and have a big hunger for gains and profits from the investments We should be able to digest big profits and have the patience to fulfill our financial goals.


  1. Chinteshwara – Focussed Eyes: Ganesha’s small, sharp eyes and concentrated gaze showcases a mind that is absolutely focused on the goal. On your wealth-creating journey, you need to maintain this focused approach with your investment plan and work towards your financial goals once you have identified them.

 Apart from the above investments, investors have to remove a few myths from their life to remove the hurdles and short-term hiccups from their investment journey:

  1. Markets are not always about luck
  2. Markets are mostly meant for investment, trading is a different ball game
  3. Your portfolio is always different from others, never compare
  4. Profit on books and profit really booked are completely different

Equity investment is a completely long-term story and should be looked upon to achieve financial independence and financial freedom in life. Long-term investors and short-term traders should have a focused goal, a strategy to achieve it, and the proper risk reward to maintain basic stability in the field of the markets.