Begin an investment journey in new Calendar Year 2023

  • 01-Jan-2023
  • 2 mins read

We are now entering a new calendar year 2023 with many learnings, achievements, limitations, failures and many more successes from the year 2022. It has been a very memorable year for the Indian equity investors where we have seen bear movement along with the bullish gains testing all time highs in the same period.

The ongoing tensions with respect to corona, the Russia-Ukraine war, the continuous Federal Reserve interest rate hikes and the tensions between and China were some of the major experiences one has got in the last twelve months of the investment journey. But surprisingly, Indian markets have tested fresh all-time highs in these testing times while on the other hand still the global markets are struggling at the lower to mid-range of their peaks.

At current juncture, the world is currently under the transformation mode where many fundamentals have undergone significant changes. Lives of the humans was first challenged the Covid Pandemic since early 2020 and now the war between Russia and Ukraine are challenging the humanity.

At current juncture, the world is in midst of a critical situation where the inflation is on fire while growth is still laggard. On the flip side, the India has fought bravely with the pandemic and now is also tackling with the global situation in a very professional way.

Various broad asset classes currently available for investment for a retail investor:

  1. Equities
  2. Gold/Silver
  3. Real Estate
  4. Bank FD
  5. Debentures and many more.

We expect year 2023 to be the year of consolidation with sector specific action to continue and market participants will keenly track the global and domestic events for deciding the medium-term trend. Union-Budget 2023-2024, Global central bank’s interest rate decisions, Russia-Ukraine War outcome and the nine state elections which are due next year in India are few of the events which will be crucial for the Indian equities.

On the investment perspective, sectors like banking, Infrastructure, cement and consumption will do well in the pre-election period where the focus of the central government will be to increase capex and expand consumption and disposable income. Overall, we expect the market to continue the ongoing sideways to bullish trend while any steep corrections will be good opportunity to accumulate good quality stocks.

Let us keep the dark side of the world aside and start fresh with the new ways of investing. In the current situation of the world where everything seems to be negative, we have to step ahead and find a best way of investment to secure our future prospects and the growth.

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