Refund Policy

Bigul's Refund and Cancellation Policy

1. Transaction Completion: After a successful money transfer, stocks will be credited to your account within two working days, as mandated by regulations. For transactions on Bigul's Trading and Mobile Platform, completion occurs only when funds are successfully transferred from the client's registered bank to Bigul's bank account.

2. Non-Cancellable Transactions: Once completed, transactions on our platform can't be cancelled by the user.

3. Refund Eligibility: Refunds are only for excess payments made. Ensure your bank confirms receipt of such payments.

4. Request Period: Refund requests, with relevant payment details, must be made within 7 days. Please refer to Point 3# for the eligibility of a refund. Money will be refunded to the registered bank account with Bigul.

5. Account Status: No refunds are provided after your Trading and Demat account is activated. Post activation, payments are credited to your account. For withdrawals, use our App or Web platform.

6. Non-Refundable Fees: Charges for enabling equities, commodities, Brokerage, Subscription plan or other services aren't refundable.

7. Multiple Payments: If you've paid multiple times for a single payment, please raise a ticket with transaction details, and we'll process your refund within seven days.

8. Legal Actions: We monitor accounts for fraud. Any fraudulent use or breach of terms may lead to legal proceedings, account deletion, and dishonouring past and pending orders. We're not liable for refunds in such cases.

9. Policy Updates: This Refund policy is based on Bigul's current Operational Procedures. It may change from time to time.

10. Third-Party Payments: Refunds of 3rd party payments or payments made from accounts not mapped under the client code will be made after 2 days. This is only after verifying the client's bank account. The fund will only be refunded to the account from where it originated.

11. Refund Timing: Refunds will be processed only after the receipt of credit of funds in the company's account from the payment gateway or bank after T+2 days.

12. Client Ledger Refunds: Refunds of funds credited in the client's running ledger with the company will be made upon the client's request within 2 working days. This is subject to risk, pay-in obligation, and open trade positions as per the company's and regulatory guidelines.