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Strategy Master is a tool designed for traders to develop, test and implement trading strategies.

Strategy Master

Strategy Master is a trading tool that assists traders in creating, testing and implementing their trading strategies. Our platform provides pre-built, market-tested strategy templates to help traders trade seamlessly.

Features of Strategy Master

  • User-Friendly Strategy Templates: Get access to pre-built and market-tested trading strategy templates as a starting point for your smart trading.
  • Fast Server Solution: Get reliable, stable, and precise high-speed order processing and execution, along with easy monitoring of multiple strategies, through the built-in features of the system.
  • Multi-Market and Asset Neutral: Get advantage of opportunities in various markets, including equities, futures, options, and currency markets.
  • Event-Based Trading System: Enjoy quick and accurate trade execution in response to market events, especially for algorithmic trading, through the system’s predefined rules and vital features.
  • Trigger Orders by Time, Volume, Price: Create automated trading strategies triggered by specific market conditions, including time, trading volume, and price movements, using Trigger Orders.
  • Powerful Dashboard: Access real-time information about your multiple trading strategies through the system’s dashboard.

Who Can Use It

Various financial professionals can utilise the fast and powerful server-based solution with multi-market and asset-neutral support, high-performance event-based algorithmic trading system, and highly configurable and extensible features. Proprietary traders, hedge funds, investment managers, brokers, and others can leverage this technology to automate their high-frequency trading (HFT) and quantitative trading strategies and manage their entire electronic trading businesses.

Strategy Master – FAQs

Strategy Master is a comprehensive tool that includes pre-built trading strategies and a user-friendly platform for executing trades quickly and seamlessly. With Strategy Master, traders can easily access and implement pre-tested strategies, streamlining the trading process.
Strategy Master offers a user-friendly interface for implementing pre-built trading strategies, analysing technical indicators, managing risk, and customising individual trading styles and tolerances.
The goal of Strategy Master is to provide traders with the tools and information they need to make informed decisions, limit their risk and achieve their investment goals.
Strategy Master provides pre-built trading strategies like Quantitative Trading Strategy (i.e. system based on technical analysis), Pair Trading, Momentum, Mean-Reversal Strategy, Statistical Arbitrage Strategy, Cross-Market Arbitrage, Price Prediction Arbitrage, Calendar Spread, Cash-Futures, Box Spread, Conversion-Reversal, Butterfly Spread, etc.
Yes, traders can run strategies on USD INR or Currency as Strategy Master offers strategies in multiple segments.
Yes, Bigul's Strategy Master has a powerful dashboard through which traders can access real-time information about your multiple trading strategies through the system's dashboard.
Yes, Strategy Master provides real-time market data and a real-time dashboard for traders to monitor their strategies.
Yes, Strategy Master has a multi-leg strategy where traders can run up to 8 legs.
Yes, it is possible with Strategy Master for traders to save their strategy and execute it on a daily basis.
Yes, Strategy Master offers automated trading options, which allow traders to set up and execute trades based on specific market conditions triggered by factors such as time, volume or price.
Yes, Strategy Master offers customisation features tailored to individual trading styles and risk tolerances, which can help traders manage risk and achieve their investment goals.
It is absolutely safe to use, as it is approved by the exchange.


  1. User-Friendly Strategy Templates
  2. Fast Server Solution
  3. Multi-Market and Asset Neutral
  4. Event-Based Trading System
  5. Trigger Orders by Time, Volume, Price
  6. Powerful Dashboard

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