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Bigul's AI Portfolio Manager, powered by Jarvis, is an advanced tool that utilises cutting-edge artificial intelligence algorithms to help traders optimise their investments in the stock market. By analysing a vast amount of financial data, comprising 12 million parameters, the tool can build and manage a personalised portfolio while featuring a 24/7 risk management system that minimises potential risks to the portfolio. With the capability to evaluate vast amounts of data, the AI algorithm can identify potential investment opportunities, generate trading signals, and even execute trades. This sophisticated system helps investors with the confidence and precision needed to navigate the complexities of the financial markets, aiming to achieve superior returns.

Purpose of AI Portfolio Manager

Bigul AI Portfolio Manager is specifically built by financial experts to analyse the market and backtest investment strategies using large datasets under various conditions. It empowers investors to execute orders on a fully automated basis. The system utilises advanced AI to analyse 12 million financial parameters, enabling it to make informed investment decisions that could potentially lead to a competitive advantage in the market. Bigul AI Portfolio Manager also assists investors with portfolio management. By analysing deviations within a specific user's portfolio, it recommends optimal solutions to address those deviations.



  • AI-Based Stock Selection
  • Personalised Portfolio
  • Risk Management Process
  • Timely Rebalancing portfolio
  • Helping Users to make corrective decisions

What we Offer?

  • Customised Equity Portfolio : Bigul's AI Portfolio Manager offers a customised equity portfolio, investment horizon, and capital. By dynamically adjusting to changing market conditions and your personal financial goals, this service ensures that your investment strategy would be aligned with your needs, maximising the potential for growth and stability.
  • AI-Based Recommendations : By continuously monitoring and analysing 12 million financial parameters, the AI identifies the best investment opportunities, helping you make informed decisions that can lead to superior market performance.
  • Automated Trading Execution : AI Portfolio Manager facilitates seamless execution of buy and sell orders without the need for manual intervention.
  • 24/7 Risk Management : With a robust 24/7 risk management system, Bigul's AI Portfolio Manager safeguards your investments around the clock.
  • Timely Portfolio Rebalancing : Regular portfolio rebalancing is a key feature of our AI Portfolio Manager. By making timely adjustments to your asset allocation, the system ensures that your portfolio remains optimised for maximum returns.
  • Personalised Investment Insights : Bigul's AI Portfolio Manager offers detailed analysis and insights into your portfolio's performance. With customised reports and recommendations, you can make well-informed investment decisions.

Who Can Use It?

Bigul's AI Portfolio Manager- Jarvis can be used by anyone who wants to invest in the stock market but may not have the time or expertise to manage their portfolio themselves. It is ideal for traders, investors, and even beginners who want to build a customised portfolio based on their unique risk profile, investment horizon, and capital. Whether you are a seasoned investor looking to enhance your strategy with advanced AI tools or a beginner seeking to enter the stock market with advanced and automated support system, Jarvis provides a comprehensive solution tailored to meet diverse investment needs.

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It is the Bigul's AI Portfolio Manager, powered by Jarvis is a tool that uses advanced artificial intelligence algorithms to assist traders in making the most of the stock market by analysing 12 million financial parameters to build and manage a customised portfolio.

It offers AI-based stock selection, personalised portfolio creation based on unique risk profiles and investment horizons, continuous risk management to mitigate potential risks, and timely portfolio rebalancing to optimise returns.

Jarvis uses advanced AI algorithms to analyse 12 million financial parameters and make informed investment decisions, potentially leading to a competitive advantage in the market.

Yes, you can get a customised equity portfolio based on your unique risk profile, investment horizon, and amount.

Bigul's AI Portfolio Manager Jarvis offers continuous risk management for customers' portfolios to mitigate potential risks and aim for benchmark-beating returns, resulting in better financial outcomes.

Timely rebalancing ensures your portfolio optimises for maximum returns without requiring time or expertise. It continually analyses market trends and identifies new investment opportunities to optimise your portfolio for maximum returns.

Yes, Bigul's AI Portfolio Manager Jarvis is absolutely safe to use, as it uses advanced risk management techniques to minimise risk and maximise returns. Also, it is approved by Exchange.

A traditional portfolio manager is a human who makes investment decisions based on subjective opinions and analysis. Bigul's AI Portfolio Manager- Jarvis, uses advanced algorithms and machine learning techniques to make data-driven investment decisions, eliminating the emotional biases that can negatively impact human investment decisions.

The annual subscription cost of Bigul's AI Portfolio Manager is Rs 00000/-

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