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Modern Algos is a One Stop Automated Platform for Investors, Traders, and Strategists

What is Modern Algos?

Modern Algos is designed in-house by qualified experts with rich experiences in the field of broking, financial analysis, and software development.

We have built a one-of-its-kind full-fledged platform for Options Traders which is designed to cater to all the requirements of an Options Trader at one place.

Additionally, there is an Auto Trade functionality for our products, that can be used to Automate orders with the prescribed conditions triggered.

All our products are designed with the help of algorithms and are free from any human intervention.

Each product is designed and built with the thought of providing unique and easily accessible solutions.

Algo Strategy Builder:

  • Trend Indicator based on Option Data
  • 10+ Option Strategies with Auto Strikes Selection
  • Enter with Spread Value + Technical Indicator Breakout
  • Adjustment can be defined at the time of Entry
  • Adjustment based on TGT/SL/Future Points move
  • Re-entry at Leg wise or Strategy Wise
  • Trailing Tgt/SL at Leg or Strategy wise


  • Set up and Auto Trade orders with the Future Points movements, Pre-defined Spot Levels
  • Manage Tgt/SL with ease

Automation based on Individual Parameters:

  • Trailing Tgt/SL: Define Exit Parameter TGT/SL – Both Leg Wise and/or Strategy Wise
  • Adjustment Switch: Define Tgt/SL Triggers for Switch the Leg in Existing Strategy
  • Adjustment Shift: Define Future Points Basis Leg Shifting in Existing Strategy

Readymade Strategies:

  • Stock Option Picks: Readymade Option strategies based on Breakout.
  • Spread Strategies: Readymade Algo strategies based on time with a probability of profit>65%

Tools for Options Traders:

  • Strategy Builder: Build your option strategies with Multiple legs and define Automation Conditions
  • Option Chain Analytics: Easy to understand Option Chain Data with Recommended Strategies


  • Scanner Wizard: Market Neutral and Directional Strategies
  • Strategy Algorithms: Scan for strategies based on the Input

Modern Algos is a third-party tool. Please read all the T&Cs related to the product.

SEBI Regn No: INH200009935



  1. Algo Strategy Builder
  2. Scalping
  3. Automation based on Individual Parameters
  4. Readymade Strategies
  5. Tools for Option Traders
  6. Scanners
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