When : 22 June, 2022

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Bigul Webinar | Want to learn what RBI rate hike means for markets?


Effects of RBI rate hike on market | Grow with Bigul ft. Arun Mantri Grow with Bigul is a simple series of Webinars that cover all aspects of trading and investing.

The first video in this series tells you everything you need to know about –

1. RBI rate hike & what triggered it

2. Relation between rate hike & inflation

3. Ripple effect on the economy

4. Globalization

5. Asset Classes

6. Effects of the hike on nifty

7. Dos & Don’ts for Investors Watch the video, take your notes & Grow with Bigul.

Bigul is Bonanza Portfolio Ltd.’s fintech division. A trading and investment ecosystem designed for those seeking success.

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