Nine Investment Mantras from Bigul on this Navratri.

date 26  September,  2022
time 3 mins read

India is considered a land of festivals, cultural activities, celebrations, and joy. With the end of the rainy season, the festive vibes start to frizzle out in the atmosphere with the start of Ganesh Chaturthi followed by Navratri, Diwali, and so on.

In the current month, we are going to celebrate the divine festival of Navratri which means ‘nine nights in the next week which is celebrated by worshipping Goddess Durga and signifies the win of good over evil. The holy festival of Navratri is divided into three parts where the first three days are dedicated to Goddess Mahakali who is symbolized to destroy all the bad within ourselves. For the next three days, the devotees worship Goddess Mahalakshmi to get blessed with wealth and growth. The last three days are devoted to Goddess Saraswati who inspires us with knowledge and wisdom.

Indian festivals always signify huge importance in the life of a common man and always have a message to take. Navratri also teaches us principles and inspirations in all the fields of life and should be definitely adopted by every individual.

Below are the nine teachings for the nine days of the festival of Navratri which as an investor we should adopt in our lives:

  1. Be self-reliant: As Goddess Durga won over evil by defeating Mahisasura, we as an investor should avoid bad decisions and excess borrowings into our accounts and defeat the evil of debt. Always be optimistic in your investment planning and never keep negative thoughts in your mind.
  1. Be disciplined: As an investor, we have to plan our goals before and plan to achieve the same within the stipulated time. It is the same as we follow the rules of fasting during the Navratri festival we have to be well disciplined in our approach as well.
  1. Plan your journey: Navratri or Vijayadashmi is usually a prosperous day to start the new beginning. So, this time in Navaratri let’s start with the new journey and plan the path towards success. Invest and plan your investments which will help you to go through your journey smoothly.
  1. Plan your Future prospects: In the way how Goddess Durga has fought and demolished the demon Mahishasura and saved humanity, we should also plan and save for our future prospects.
  2. Invest time for Self: In the manner that a lamp shows the light and power in front of Goddess Durga, we should also recognize our inner power and light and shower the same on society. Take proper care of your health, and wealth and secure yourself and your children’s future by planning proper financial investments.
  1. Let your money grow: The nine days of Navratri are said to be very auspicious by the farmers to plant pulses, cereals, etc in their lands. Along similar lines, we should also make investments grow by themselves by sowing the right seed at the right time and right place. Investments should be made at the correct time and correct instrument to yield the best results.
  1. Maximum Utilization of Resources: In the festival of Vijayadashmi, we worship our tools, working essentials, vehicles, and other important things and thank them for their contribution to our life. Similarly, we should also use our knowledge to the best levels to make the optimum results out of it.
  1. Take your Expert Seriously: As we worship Goddess Durga and respect her decision and advice, we should also respect our advisors’ and well-wishers’ advice and sayings. If one has less knowledge in any field, he should definitely seek expert advice in it.
  1. Have patience in Investment Journey: As we have total faith in Goddess Durga and worship her wholeheartedly with patience and belief, we should also have patience in our investment journey as well. We should wait for the right time to book our gains and not be in hurry every time as you may miss a big opportunity in the investment you made sometimes. Never panic in the investment journey, it is the biggest mistake of every investor.

The auspicious days of Navaratri are the perfect time for a fresh start on your investment journey and to take control of your finances. Take inspiration from God and turn your financial positions from now. Let us be more organized, save more and expend less, plan our monthly investments, plan our insurance and make emergency funds. Finally, be a student of the financial markets and ride the vehicle of stability and growth.

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