What is a margin report?

A margin report tells you how much margin is currently blocked from your overall available balance – against any open positions. It contains important fields such as Mark-to-Market (MTM) margin, the total margin available, and any margin excess/ shortfall. After the billing is completed, you will get a margin report on your registered email ID. This is a compliance report in the format prescribed by SEBI.

Understand your margins

The Exchange eases the uncertainties in the changing stock prices by collecting a small amount from the trader. This margin is refreshed daily, based on the closing price of a particular stock. When the closing prices and margins are updated, the investor’s balance is updated. So, it is important to note that if you have a position, the balance amount is updated daily to adjust the fresh margins.

The Exchange collects margin from both, the buyer and seller of the stock.

Margin payments ensure that each investor is serious about buying and selling the shares.

Margins depend on the historical volatility of the stocks. Higher the volatility, the higher the margin requirement.

You can download the latest margin details for different Stocks/Scrips by Login here

Updated : 9 August, 2022