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India’s first Artificial Intelligence based Equity Advisor

India’s Best AI enabled equity advisor

We believe that every investor is unique. The investment style, the investment horizon, the risk appetite varies for every investor. JARVIS has been created to cater to this need for personalized advisory services along with a seamless investment experience. JARVIS is a completely Digital, Artificial Intelligence driven Equity Advisory & Fund Management platform where Wisdom truly meets Science.

What is JARVIS?

JARVIS is your very own Digital Fund Manager who is available 24/7 at your fingertips. It is India’s first Artificial Intelligence based Equity Advisor designed to help you make intelligent investment decisions in the Stock Market. It has an in-built Risk Management System that guides you through the maze of volatility and risks that are inherent to investments in equities. Start your journey to wealth creation through smart investments with JARVIS

Our USPs

AI based research

JARVIS analyses 12 million financial parameters using Artificial Intelligence

Portfolio creation

JARVIS creates Customized Portfolio for every client

Risk Management

JARVIS monitors the investments daily and advises appropriate actions to be taken on the portfolio.

Timely Rebalancing

JARVIS reviews the portfolio periodically to identify new opportunities in the markets


SEBI registered investment advisor. INA 000013235

JARVIS is a third-party tool. Please read all the T&Cs related to the product.


  1. AI based research
  2. Portfolio creation
  3. Risk Management
  4. Timely Rebalancing
Minimum Investment: ₹30,000

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